Development of town planning documentation: Construction plot plans for individual areas. Utilities design: Heating, ventilation and air conditioning; utilities supply systems (water, heating, sewerage, electric heating).

Telecommunications, Telecontrol and Relay Protection

Telecommunication and data transmission systems: to determine the supervisory control and data transmission structure the current status of the telecommunication and control systems is investigated. A possibility for rehabilitation of the existing telecommunication systems is considered

Consulting Services

Calculation of losses in the existing networks and development of measures to reduce such losses; Development of emergency control measures; Expert evaluation of power industry projects, if required by third parties (financial institutions);

Design department

Design Engineering Department Types of activities of the Design Engineering Department, Transformers and Reactors:


Development of single-line diagrams, auxiliaries diagrams, layout design and installation drawings of substation equipment;

Power Supply Engineering

Development of long-term strategies and concepts of the electric power complex in the Republic of Kazakhstan, including specific major and vertically integrated companies;


Topographical survey: Topographical mapping of substation sites and repair-production bases (RPB) to 1:500-1:5000 scale.

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